Daily Archives: May 14, 2009

Confused by Google @ Tukang Nggame

Again and again I confused by Uncle Google. After yesterday I was confused with the Google assessment system in decisive PageRank for a blog/website, now I am confused with produced by SERP Google with the key word of “Tukang Nggame“. This the story:

Already several days, this blog not yet I optimized for the Tukang Nggame SEO contest. Possibly already a week. Until an second before posting this. At that day, the position for blog this blog is in the page 3. That made me surprised (also that made me wrote this), before wrote this post, the position of this blog is change to the page 1, to be precise was in the level 6!

So that made me surprised. Blog that not I optimized while approximately 1 weeks rise up 2 pages in SERP with the key word Tukang Nggame.

Are you know why?